Incentive System

  Foremost advocates the incentive idea of "Rewarding innovation, Rewarding labor", setting up a perfect incentive system, including performance bonus, R&D project award, sales bonus, red list bonus, intellectual property bonus, rationalization suggestion prize, year-end award, General Manager special award.



  Foremost has established a perfect welfare system to provide employees with social insurance and housefund, high temperature allowance, skills allowance, seniority allowance, communication subsidy, statutory holiday, paid annual vacation, birthday benefit, employee travel, holiday benefit, on-the-job medical examination, job training, wedding gift and other welfare programs. The company is meant to create a "safe and pleasant" environment for employees, to concern for the needs for the staff from all aspects.


Foremost implements the people-oriented philosophy and respects every employee. The company strives to cultivate top-notch talents so that everyone can develop their expertise in their respective positions. Meanwhile, Foremost will formulate a modern manpower management system to help develop a career plan, seeking the truly development.


As the saying  goes, a gentleman  should

have his words, his deeds and his shame. A  man   who   has  no   faith   will   hardly

succeed, so does  a  company.  Foremost

advocates  the  culture  of  credibility  and integrity,  treating and making friends with

the greatest sincerity.


Innovation is  the  soul  of  a  company,

especially   in   technology.  Each  new

product   in   Foremost   has   its   own

intellectual  property  and has  applied

for invention patent. Foremost also has the   ability  in   marketing   innovation,

leading the development of technology.


Premier   Wen  Jiabao  once  said   that

"innovation"  and  "excellence"  are  the

most   precious    characteristics   of   a

nation. Success or failure lies in details.Foremost makes every effort to launch good   products  with  details  and  core

technology  so as to  serve  customers,

thus forming  the core  competitiveness

of the company.


Foremost adheres to theengineering culture of “professional, integrity-based, innovative, excelsior’’ andadvocates concept of “Honour one and you honour them all’’.