Learning & Developing

Foremost has established a sound company rank system, a job qualification system and a training system. On one hand, by defining required capacity of different positions, Foremost can establish professional path and direction for employees, and develop a series of training courses in a targeted manner. On the other hand, different development paths are chosen according to professional interests and specialties, which provide more opportunities, choices and developing space for all kinds of managerial and professional talents.

  Foremost  has  established  a  perfect   training  system,  providing
every   employees  with  perfect  pre-job  training,  induction  training,
which  cover  the  company's  general,   corporate  culture,   rules  and
regulations,  natural  and  human  environmental  introduction, safety
management knowledge and other aspects, helping employees adapt
and integrate into the company as soon as possible.

  To   improve   employees’ skills,   Foremost   established  an   internal
training  mechanism for  teachers and apprentices and an external training
mechanism for post skills. Besides, Foremost has built cooperation relations with  many   external   training  institutions,  such  as  Jianfeng  Enterprise
Management  training  School, Times Sinorama,  Guotong training, etc,  to
provide employees with basic principles, post skills, business management and other multi-level, multi-directional training.

  In recent years, Foremost has launched a talent training program, set up a system  of  competition  and  recruitment  of  grass-roots  and  even
middle   management   positions,  encouraging   employees   to   display
themselves   through   competitive   recruitment,  in   order  to  get  more
opportunities for promotion and development.