Interior Decorations of RV and Yacht

Exquisite patterns provide a variety of decorative effects for RV and yachts.

Interior Decorations of Rail and Airplane

Interior decorative films are provided for special transportation areas like high-speed rail,airplane, which are in line with testing methods of TBT3237,CCAR25.

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Transportation & Infrastructure

High-speed rail, aircraft interior film solution, divided into back adhesive (self-adhesive) and non-back adhesive two kinds, can be attached to the aircraft, high-speed traffic and other internal substrate surface, in line with TBT3237, CCAR25 standard requirements: Low heat release, low smoke density, low smoke toxicity, with rich surface texture and a variety of decorative effects, high stain resistance (for lipstick, tea, soy sauce, coffee, shoe polish, detergent, etc.)