Colored Steel Sheet

PVDF film can be applied on the surface for plant, warehouse,shed, providing colored steel sheet with excellent weathering resistance and durability.

Film Structure Building

The film can provide weathering protection for large film structure building such as public parking shed, toll station, etc.

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Integrated Wall, Closet

Colored decorative film can be used to surface decoration of integrate wall, cabinet, slide door, presenting different effects of Chinese, European and modern styles.

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Building & Decorations  

PVDF uses different adhesives such as HMA and PSA, guaranteeing durability of weathering resistance for outdoor metal film-coated plate and film structure building. Transparent or monochromatic PVDF film is combined with PVC,PET and other substrates, added with waterborne ink, providing decoration films with properties of weathering resistance,anti-flaming, environmentally-friendly.