Crystalline Silicon Solar Module

Having provided packaging protection for Crystalline Silicon Solar Module for over 50GW, Solvan series are the most trusted fluorine film products.

Thin-film Cell Module

Thin-film Cell can be used to reduce the cost of existing solutions and ensure the properties of durability and weathering resistance.

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Photovoltaic Backsheet

This film is used in the external packaging of Photovoltaic Backsheet with low WVTR and good UV cut off, protecting inner layers of PET and EVA.

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Photovoltaic & Stored Energy

In 2011, Foremost truly realized the localization of PVDF films for Photovoltaic applications. In 2017, Foremost surpassed DuPont in one fell swoop to become the world's largest supplier of protective materials for Photovoltaic panels, with annual output of 200 million squaremeters.