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FM Vivilux

The FM Vivilux series includes colorful and functional decorative sheets, printable PP sheets ("Pipiron") and anti-bacterial sheets.

Colorful Functional Decorative sheet is a decorative sheet developed for the high-end market, which can be applied in many fields such as aviation, high-speed rail and high-end building materials.

Product structure                                                                      Product Features



Product Category

* F Series: PVDF Film

* V Series: Flame Retardant Alloy Film

* G Series: Flexible Polyester Alloy Film

Printable PP sheet ("Pipiron") is mainly used in the field of decorative building materials. It can be printed directly with water-based ink, has excellent wettability and adhesion to water-based ink, and can be laminated with triamine board, wood board, and aluminum board using a variety of glues.

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Anti-bacterial sheet is a decorative film with long-lasting anti-bacterial function. There are two types: basic and reinforced. The basic model uses PVDF film, and the reinforced model is coated with functional water-based or alcohol-based coatings on top of the PVDF film. Both have the "3 in 1" function, i.e., long-lasting anti-bacteria, stain resistance and scratch resistance.

The products can be applied to cell phones, computers, tablets and scenes in kindergartens, senior centers and hospitals.

Product Features



Basic: Antibacterial (★★★★★),Stain resistance (★★★★★),Scratch resistance (★)

     Extremely resistant to chemicals:

     * Resistant to oil and grease

     * Resistant to graffiti

     * Resistant to blood stains

     * Resistant to sterilized water

     * Resistant to iodine

     * Narcotic resistant

    PVDF is resistant to 90% concentrated sulfuric acid!

Enhanced: Bacteria inhibition (★★★★★), stain resistance (★★★★★), scratch resistance (★★★★★)

         * Long-lasting antibacterial function: antibacterial groups are "anchored" to the molecular chain through reaction grafting.

         * Stain resistance: Fluorine-containing groups give the product a smooth, hydrophobic and oleophobic low-energy surface.

         * Scratch resistance (coated version): Controlled crosslinking density provides the coating with good scratch resistance.

GB/T 21866-2008 (Antibacterial national standard)                   Antibacterial test                      Stain resistance test         Scratch resistance (coated model) test


Application areasIntegrated Wall, Closet‍ | Interior Decorations of RV and Yacht | Interior Decorations of Rail and Airplane | 

‍                                 Epidemic prevention and bacteriostasis