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FM Fluorina

The FM Fluorina series includes transparent front sheet HPC, transparent back sheet SPC, transparent PVDF film, ETFE film and structurally transparent front sheet.

Transparent front sheet HPC1500 is a transparent coating type PV front sheet, which has a high surface smoothness, light weight and flexible, and is a high-quality encapsulation material which is suitable for PV modules.

Product structure                                                                                                                 Product Features

透明前板HPC结构图.jpg* High transmittance Wave length 400-1100nm,≥88%)

* UV aging resistance UV 1000kwhyellowing Δb≤3

* Damp & Heat resistance DH85 3000hyellowing Δb≤3

* Hardness ≥ 2H

* WVTR2g/㎡·day
* Good adhesion with EVA/POE film

Transparent back sheet SPC1500 is a product specially developed for bi-facial photovoltaic modules. The product has high light transmittance, high UV cut-off rate, and can be maintained good performance for a long time under the condition of long-term UV and DH aging.

Product structure                                                     Product Features耐湿热老化性能测试.jpg


* High transmittance (≥88%)

* UV aging resistance (UV 2250kwh,yellowing Δb≤3)

* Damp&Heat resistance (DH85 3000h,yellowing Δb≤3)

* WVTR<2g/㎡·day

Transparent PVDF film   series is a product used to replace photovoltaic glass in lightweight module, with visible light transmittance of up to 92%; Some varieties have the function of visible light transparency and UV light blocking or infrared light blocking, and the blocking rate can reach more than 85%.

The series can also be used in the field of decoration, and can be fitted with plastic substrates, metal substrates (color steel, color aluminum), stone, wood and other plates and sheets.

Product Features耐紫外老化性能测试.jpg耐湿热老化性能测试 透明膜.jpg

* Excellent UV aging resistance

* High transparency, visible light transmittance up to more than 90%

* Excellent Damp & Heat aging resistance

* Haze degree is optional,ranges from 4 to 80

* Non-stain, easy to clean

Application areas: Crystalline Silicon Solar Module | Thin-film Cell Module | Colored Steel Sheet | Integrated Wall, Closet