Hangzhou Foremost Material Technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise founded by overseas returnees in June 2010. The company was awarded the national high-tech enterprise,"little giant" enterprise, which possessed a provincial new energy and new material R&D center.

Hangzhou Foremost focuses on the development, production and sales of weather-resistant functional film products, which can be applied to photovoltaic, energy storage, building materials, transportation (including aviation, high-speed rail) and life health and other fields. The products offered are: FM Solvan white PVDF film series, FM Fluorina transparent front/back sheet series, FM Amostron composite back sheet series, FM Encite polyolefin film and co-extruded back sheet series, FM Vivilux

Vivilux colorful decorative film series, FM Janusian surface treatment series and FM Xtron composite frame series. The company has several production bases in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Taizhou, etc., with an annual capacity of 250 million square meters of film products, which can effectively meet customer needs.

Hangzhou Foremost focuses on the core of film technology and creates two technology platforms, namely, nano processing technology platform and "matching, extrusion, coating, paste,

polymerization" film processing technology platform. Advanced research and development equipment, rich technical means, has won the China Patent Excellence Award, China Light Industry Federation science and Technology progress Award, Zhejiang Province science and technology progress Award and Zhejiang famous brand products and many other honors.